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Darrington Lovelace Memorial Scholarship

College tuition can be very costly, even at the community college level. It can be especially challenging for students from an economically distressed household. Prior to his diagnosis, Darrington worked odd jobs while attending college. He received a small amount of financial assistance but mainly qualified for student loans, with the understanding that he would have to begin repaying the loans with interest shortly after graduating.

Because we were all college students at one time, we are very familiar with this
situation. We are here to assist you. To help offset the cost of skyrocketing
tuition, Darrington’s Gift Inc. has established a memorial scholarship at Henry
Ford College Dearborn, MI. The scholarship is to be used specifically towards a
Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) student’s educational expense. The student (one
per academic year) that meets the established criteria, including an overall GPA of
3.0 or better would be awarded a $1000.00 scholarship to be used for tuition,
books, materials, or fees at Henry Ford College. Our organization hopes that
obtaining this scholarship, will help to soften the financial burden a bit and create
a little less accumulated student loan debt.

Darrington also attended Albion College in Albion, MI for a short time. A
Darrington Lovelace Memorial Scholarship has been established there as well in
the sum of $500.00. This scholarship is awarded to the Albion College Build
Albion Fellows Program which assists multiple students in the program.
Darrington was not able to complete his goal of graduating college and working to
help others. But through this organization which bears his name we feel that he is
still making a difference in the lives of many, and for that DGI is very thankful.
These scholarships can be awarded yearly provided funds are available.


Scholarship Recipients









José Reyes

Chelsea Bedwell

Jennifer Ibrarra

Jazmine Mazique

Carly Cuip

Destinee Green

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